Here is a bit about the process of some performances for the creation of the Mettapana images. These creations can be found at

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Title: When nature does not sleep About pollinators and the behavior of the universe. This work is part of a generative art installation and live performances. It was presented in Cultura Guacamaya’s dome (HN), projection 360 in @lightbox (NY) and will soon be part of the festival @mutekar @mutekes – May 3 to 9/21 Programming: the butterfly follows the dancer’s body. The ambient sound is a granular deconstruction of a small fragment of the music that you will be able to hear on Mutek and the upcoming Mettapana EP.



¨When nature does not sleep ¨ is a work that calls attention to the disappearance of pollinators. Mettapana evokes a dream world where butterflies are intervening works by Katsushika Hokusai.
A deep reflection relating to the quantum power in the flapping of a butterfly and the giant waves of the sea in «Thirty-six views of Mount Fuji».

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