About pollinators and the behavior of the universe.


This video corresponds to the launch of our NFTs collection at @withfoundation

¨When nature does not sleep ¨ is a work that calls attention to the disappearance of pollinators. Mettapana evokes a dream world where butterflies are intervening works by Katsushika Hokusai.
A deep reflection relating to the quantum power in the flapping of a butterfly and the giant waves of the sea in «Thirty-six views of Mount Fuji».

You can find our work at https://foundation.app/mettapana/when-nature-does-not-sleep-26734

This work is part of a generative art installation and live performances. It was presented in Cultura Guacamaya’s dome (HN), projection 360 in @lightbox (NY) and is part of the festival @mutekar @mutekes – May 3 to 9/21
Programming: In terms of technique, the work is a generative art installation that works in real time. the butterfly follows the dancer’s body. The ambient sound is a granular deconstruction of a small fragment of the music that you will be able to hear on Mutek and the upcoming Mettapana EP.

Analog-digital intervention: Thirty-six views of Mount Fuji, Katsushika Hokusai.


Generative Butterflies – Hokusai Style

The generative butterflies are programmed in Touchdesigner. Currently I am also programming generative systems of my creations for WebGl.


The generative characteristics are:

* Designs on wings with color palette relative to Hokusai’s work.

* The wings of butterflies have different sizes, as well as their bodies. Not only in their entirety, but also in some specific points of their geometry. Add some specific features to make some look more stylized than others. I am very excited about continuing to add features in future projects.

* The movement of the wings is generated by a shader on their geometry, the result is an organic movement when they fly or simply land.


There is a whole universe behind these creations. The golden ratio has always been close to me when creating, not only in visuals, but also in music. Books like The power of limits by Gyorgy Doczi have been a great inspiration and reference when it comes to these projects.


For our presentations at Dome and Mutek, we wanted the butterflies to follow the trajectory of both hands, this resource was great for Sol (@solnazzar) to generate a spontaneous dialogue between the visuals and the live music. In the following video you can see a small fragment, the feeling we want to share is one of freedom and play, the enjoyment of movement without further ado.


We generated an infinite forest with plants using programming resources in L-system. No matter how much the performance moves, butterflies always find plants through their flight. We are very happy with the result.


Anecdote: one of those technical horror stories. In our presentations there is no choreography. Sol Nazzar is improvising/dialoguing for 45 minutes sometimes 1 hour. It happened that after about 30 minutes a cable of the studio’s technical equipment failed, which generated intermittencies in the 3d universe that users could choose to see. Finally we decided to redo the whole presentation, it was not easy to tune in again. Sol had to improvise for another 45 minutes. It was a long day, but we did it!


In this first piece we decided to capture and use a smooth circular movement. The camera constantly follows the butterfly, resulting in an infinite looping motion.


We hope our work will start to be collected soon, so that we can invest in drops on the foundation platform.