Soon some drops will arrive to release my generative art profile in TEIA


Quantum is a generative artwork inspired by the random behavior of the universe.
During its process we bring to the table questions about the urgency of climate change and the decisions we must make as a planetary community to continue in the right direction.

Moon Edition is the first in the series.
A macro and micro contemplation. The oceans and their inherent movement with the moon and the sun. Cities of different latitudes where we repeat ourselves, we are millions of loops with small random changes interacting.

The piece collects meteorological data from different cities around the world to dump them in real time on the performance.

Interactive Code

You can interact with the work by typing «go:» a city and the country code. Add the hashtag #mettapana


Start with «go:» followed by the name of the city. (no spaces)
If your city has more than one word, separate with «-«.
To add the two-letter city code use the «_» sign.

You can write a message after the command.