The soft overcomes the hard .::. FXHASH

Inspired by some texts from the Tao te King.

This piece is generative and procedural, using the fragment shader and raymarching technique.
It has been a rewarding experience in the process, the pieces are contemplative and invite meditation. I hope you enjoy it.

* Move the cursor over the piece to interact, the master sphere will change position. In some pieces you will be able to illuminate the area you want.

* If you left click the position of the piece is reintegrated. This is something I like!
* Press keys 1, 2, 3 or 4 on the visual for higher quality. (2 is a good value).
* Right click for Screenshot.


* 1 or 2 rings
* Fixed position rings and rotations.
* 3 different illuminations
* Noise of different intensities
* Softness of different intensities
* Fixed and rotating rings and base.
…among others.