Nicolas Salinas


Musician, composer, recording and music production engineer. Digital artist in visual arts, generative art and interactive installation programming. Both his music and visuals are inspired by the contemplation of nature.

Cultural activist and member of the Cultural Cooperative Archibrazo (Space declared of national interest by the Ministry of Culture of the Nation, Buenos Aires, Argentina). Co-founder and cultural manager at Cultura Guacamaya, Honduras.

Mettapana presentations and installations of note

Presentaciones e instalaciones destacadas: 


CREATIVE CODE FESTIVAL November 2020 // 360º Exhibition at the new media art gallery LIGHTBOX, New York. Winner of a Nanogrand. Work: ¨When nature does not sleep¨.

CREATIVE CODE FESTIVAL 2020 // Performed in @sansarofficial VR // winning festival winning in the category General-Eventos y Experiencias Virtuales del @TellyAwards SILVER.

«El sueño de la Mona Lisa«weekly performances sep/oct 2019 at the iconic Surrealist Hall , Bs As, ARG.

Buenos Aires, Argentina. Immersive Dome (Cycle of performances from Dec 2018 to date.) Cultura Guacamaya Dome, Honduras. 

Tour 2018 July/Aug/Sep Europa (Francia, Polonia, España): 

Artist-in-residence, interactive visual installations and video mapping. MAB «La Maison André Breton”, Francia (Aug 2018). 

Surrealistic Encounter «Surrealism in Japan» Atsuko Nagaï (Université de Tokyo). Exhibition for documentary and promotion of the French Heritage Day. Performance, installations.

Interactive visuals and videomapping. MAB «La Maison André Breton», Francia (Sep 2018). 

Art residency, visual installations, exhibition «Archibrazo». Uzerche, France. Surrealist Nomadic festival. 

Festival of magical places. Performances and video mapping. Kudowa, Poland. 

Residencia artística, Kudowa, Poland. 

NIU: «El sueño de la Mona Lisa» Artístic Espai, Barcelona, Spain. 

12th Yoga Congress in Marbella, Spain. 

Interactive installation Placido Domingo concert at the National Stadium of Honduras. Repeated participations in the Institute of Art, Technology and Innovation of Honduras. 

Electronic Music, Art and Technology Festival MODULAR REEF 2018, Honduras. 

Nicolas Salinas de Argentina, They exercise their experience in the area of cultural production and management in the platform Cultura Guacamaya together with Sol Nazzar in the outskirts of the capital city of Tegucigalpa, Honduras, producing performing arts activities, workshops and festivals.


Nicolás Salinas, citizen of the world. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on June 8, 1983.

Currently based between Argentina and Honduras, he carries out several projects in which stands out:

METTAPANA A/V, is a project that brings together everything he has learned. Where sound design, musical arrangements, visual arts and digital art, coexist in a dream universe.

Reactive visuals that respond to the instruments in real time. The instrumentalist dialogues with the visuals and vice versa. The construction and deconstruction of the bandoneon sound. An instrument that is rarely approached in shows of these characteristics.
Macro and micro-nature. An infinite research process. The contact with surrealism, human processes, meditation, yoga, theater, dance, cultural exchange and travel experiences have led Nicolás to the need to create this work, which is just beginning.
This project was born from the artist’s journey and multiplurarity. Family of designers and musicians, from an early age Nicolás draws in 3D with parametric programs for the industry. Today he creates and programs his own artistic visuals.

Mettapana A/V, one of the projects of the collective and individual works that participated in the artistic residency at MAB ¨La Maison André Breton¨, France (August 2018). Part of the Festival Nomadic Surrealist Tour 2018 Jun/Jun/Aug/Sep (Central America // Europe (France, Poland, Spain). 

About his training as a musician; he studied guitar at the Leopoldo Marechal Conservatory (popular music // jazz, tango, folklore and classical music // and then at the EMBA (Escuela de Música de Buenos Aires). He studied Recording Engineering and Music Production at Inartec (Buenos Aires 2002). He also studied with Ricardo Pellican and Alejandro Kitay. In December of 2009, he found the bandoneon and decided to start self-taught. Soon after, he begins to play in one of the typical Orchestras of the Orlando Goñi School. He made his first experiences with the school orchestra playing in milongas in San Telmo. His latest projects were with MIL ABRAZOS and BICICLETA TRIO, tango and folklore (plant group in the milonga of ARCHIBRAZO, space declared of cultural interest by the Ministry of culture of the Nation // with both groups toured in Europe (2015) France, Switzerland, Spain // South America (2013/14) (Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Uruguay) participating in important Tango festivals and generating musical exchange in an itinerant way in various scenarios: auditoriums, theaters, milongas, music festivals, radios and popular spaces.

During 2016 he was invited to be part of the dance theater project ¨Permiso para pisar un mundo¨, in Medellin, Colombia. A production that brings together 16 artists from seven countries including musicians, dancers and actors.  Collaborating in the creation of musical compositions. The presentations took place at the mythical Pablo Tobón Uribe Theater.

He has composed compositions for several plays of the Argentine theater group ¨De arrugas y juguetes¨ (May 2017).

…and more.

Nicolás is co-founder of the cultural platform ¨Cultura Guacamaya¨ in Honduras and collaborator since 2011 in ¨Archibrazo¨ (Bs As, Argentina) space declared of cultural interest by the Ministry of culture of the Nation.